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  1. going back to 1.8.1 until alpha has been fixed enough. I am running a beta firewall and antivirus, a beta os, and an alpha version of µTorrent. I just can't stand the errors anymore. I will be more than happy to test future builds, but this on win7 b7k is just outrageously retarded. I am constantly pissing in the wind and now I am going to turn off the fan. Edit Note: I have found an easy solution to the invalid .torrent files. In IE8, enable compatibility viewing of all pages through Tools->Compatibility View Settings: check the box next to "Display all sites in Compatibility View" Even µTorrent 1.8.1 Build 12639 has this problem within Windows 7 Build 7000. So now that I am back on the beta, I have noticed the errors are still great meaning it's a win7 thing. I do not have a torrent that has wasted under 55 mb. it seems like it downloads everything to 99.9% and then freezes up forcing me to press the hourly used micosoft key combos. My laptop seems to be going down the porcelain express, as all I ever do is watch movies and play games. With win7 and virtual clonedrive not being compatible, I have lost games. I guess it's time to go back to knoppix.
  2. Yes I did assume... I have never had that error before with any prior versions. I would also like to say that I am at 10 restarts and and like 20 times of trying to get µTorrent to start. As soon as the main window appears, it becomes non responsive. This occured right after I set up "automaticaly load torrents from folder" and delete torrents after loading. The program started maybe 3 times, but would not load any torrents properly (I had an "invalid torrent file" like 30 times from multiple torrents from multiple trackers and sites) and it refused to load or attempt to load anything from my torrent folder.
  3. Darktorres: Nope.. the partion for backup came preinstalled. One month old laptop. I use a docking station like people get gas. I just dock and fill up my usb hard drives, undock and go. That error is getting to be more and more frequent. I have noticed I get it when I am opening µTorrent or a torrent.
  4. delete this.. another issue due to slow connection
  5. I just went a little crazy with some settings, finally had to break down and patch the 25 hoc on tcpip.sys for win7 and I up'ed the net.max_halfopen to 49 and now it broke the 56k addition. It is booking along at the normal rate, however it took me 5 minutes to load this page with Internet Explorer 8.
  6. First off, I'll list my newset problem.(For legality and to abide by the forum rules, we will say the torrent is Naked Empire, and their album Bottom feeders [ A freely available torrent placed online via their band -- available at demonoid ] ) So I have 400 Megs of a 363 MB file and the torrent continues to download at ONE AND SEVEN TENTHS KBS (plenty of seeders). WOW I'm sporting a connection so fast that the road-runner would shit his pants if I googled "BEEP-BEEP". So I Restart µTorrent 1.9 AND THE TORRENT NOW REPORTS ONLY 38.6% COMPLETED (It was at 99.9%). It's like a strip club... you can look but you can't touch. Secondly to answer your questions: Greg Hazel: I have not noticed a decrease in µTorrent's bandwidth with other programs running, but I have noticed that I could play 9 innings of baseball and take a shower and I might have finally loaded a search on Demonoid. ( sorry for the sarcasm ) I have also noticed that unless I have only one torrent downloading at a time, it seems like it takes forever. For instance... I normally run 6-8 torrents at a time and have about 15 queued (normal torrent size is 4.7-8.4 GB: yes, i'm swimming in terrabytes) This continues all day every day. I have had the same 12 torrents on my list for a week, and my list is getting too large to keep up with now. I have also noticed a new problem, and this could jus be an error in win7 b7k, but every new torrent that I try to add (when µTorrent.exe is running or when it is not running) I am reported with an error stating that µTorrent is running and not responding. (edit to answer second question) rafi: Yes I have the download speed limited to 6000 kbs most of the time, and I change it depending apon where and what connection I am using. For instance: I'm on a slow wifi signal in a coffee shop, some only being a 10mbs or even 1.54mbs, I adjust accordingly. The point is, no matter how fast my connect is, it seems like µTorrent is cutting fat lines of 56K and snorting them, then sitting on it's ass.
  7. Sir.... "Alpha"? Under Help->About µTorrent, I see "Beta". Secondly I, like others, see a definite loss of available bandwidth when using other programs requiring internet data. HOWEVER, I see a dramatic increase in speed within µTorrent. No errors thus far. Running Windows 7 build 7k Edited to provide addition information: Below is a performance log of my system while running this build. The orange line is µTorrent only.