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  1. You choosed to run a Beta version and you blame others Mr. Perfect?
  2. Yes and they say that they fixed the settings issue.
  3. Download the beta from the first page of this topic.
  4. Open a folder and in the address type: %appdata%\utorrent ..........The files should be there.
  5. Do whatever you want. I think that you just confuse users to think that your settings are better than theirs, while they don't really fit them.
  6. So if you have to tune it per ISP/router why not start it from scratch instead of using yours? No user has the same preferences like you.
  7. You are welcome to mine... (in my sig/guide...) Rafi, your settings fit your connection with your ISP, your GUI preferences, your..... I don't think that it fits other users. I have a 1970 car (not really) that is "best" for me. You are welcome to buy a car like mine.
  8. Get the 3.1.2. I hope that you know how to do it.
  9. When you run the Setup Guide, uT creates the best settings.dat for you.Some small changes might be needed if you experience throttling.
  10. So follow what I wrote but delete settings and Edit: What version are you using?
  11. OK, uTorrent is causing this. Reboot your computer and make sure that uT doesn't start on startup, use Windows search and find files called settings.dat and settings.dat.old that are located in a directory called: "utorrent". Make sure that you don't delete a "setting.dat" in a non "utorrent" directory. Delete these files, run uTorrent and installation process of uT will start.
  12. Usually you can see it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Post an image of the process list here.
  13. Then it looks like it's not a uTorrent issue. Open the Task Manager and see what is taking all your memory. Try to get more help in computer forums.
  14. Do you get this message only with uTorrent?
  15. True but the issue is that many users don't know what is going on. Only advanced users know this and how to fix the issues.
  16. I know this but the issue is that many users don't know this, the developers don't help them to know this because the "force" uTP on them and the whole community suffers. The easy way for those users is to abandon uT and suddenly they see magic with their speeds.
  17. "Don't you think they *WANT* to fix all possible issues?" If ISP's are throttling the developers are limited in what they can do. I notice many users that can't transfer uTP because of this. That's why I'm seriously considering to abandon it. It's not just a issue of "fixing" but also an issue of what's the most stable way to deliver traffic with all the throttling that is going on. TCP looks to me the most stable and faster way.
  18. Try using udp://
  19. MirceaForce, if I'm correct Firon suggested the user (not you) to enable the cache.
  20. Top right "Toggle Torrent View".
  21. -- 2011-11-22: Version 3.1 Release Candidate 1 (build 26495) - Change: enable windows disk cache for writes by default. Improves write performance, especially with sparse files So how come windows disk cache for writes is still disabled on this version?
  22. I also reported this a while ago when seeding a torrent. 10 peers then 30 peers then 10 peers again on each update.
  23. For your information...You are using an Alpha! version. 3.0.1 is based on the stable 3.0.