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  1. Hi rafi, thanks, will do, do you know in which file the torrent history is stored, I would like to be able to keep a copy of that file so I could replace that but am not sure where it is kept. Thanks
  2. Hi rafi, thanks, will look into it. I agree it does seem like an issue with something like settings.dat I have been losing all my settings at times. Where is the history of downloaded torrents stored? If I can replace that I can do a clean install to try to fix the issue. Thanks, Chris
  3. After a system reboot the privacy notice still reappears again so the issue is not solved for me.
  4. Hello Sergey, thanks for your response. I do not know why but I just upgraded to v again and this time the message is gone I still have no idea why it happened but am happy that it has somehow fixed itself.
  5. hi Pingu, yes, I am wondering if it is just a case of changing a setting in a file like settings.dat to keep the change you made sticky for me. Hopefully someone who knows will help out, until then I'm back on version .45449 . All the best
  6. Hi Pingu, glad you got it working but tried your description and still the same Privacy popup for me. I have had to roll back to a much older version to stop it happening. Hopefully they will fix this in an update. Is any body else experiencing this?
  7. yes, on every start up of utorrent . even if it is started minimized from a short cut.
  8. Yes, I have this very same super annoying "We respect your privacy!" screen too. What on earth is going on? I have even tried rolling back and just can't get rid of it. This will stop me using uTorrnet altogether unless it can be fixed. Are many other users seeing this too?