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  1. I gave up using utorrent for now as when you look into it there is so much info gathering going on by utorrentie.exe calling home and how it is all tied up with agreeing to the recent Privacy/Use your data changes. No dev ever explained what was happening and I guess they are happy collecting data if it may cause some errors for users who have disabled ads etc. Maybe I am wrong but the lack of transparency or user accountabilty was enough for me.
  2. Hi , did this ever get fixed, I just swapped my default torrent provider for a while at least.. all this stuff about the amount of info they want us to agree or disagree to was pretty daunting and the fact that utorrentie.exe is calling the server all the time for an unknown reason wasnt great. No dev wanted to be open about or explain what was going on within the code to cause this. it all seemed a bit dodgy as I worked on open source stuff where this would have been fixed simply and urgently as it is a very bad user experience
  3. Hi rafi, I checked and with utorrentie.exe blocked in the firewall I can leave my security settings as standard so I guess that is working pretty well as I think the firewall settings remain when the file is updated...
  4. Hi Sergey, Great to hear from you. 1. In which country you are? (privacy window appears for certain countries only) > UK 2. Does window appears on computer restart or just program restart? It always appears on restart after pc reboot and reappears sometimes if uTorrent is closed for a while and then restarted without a reboot. 3. When you close "privacy" window, which option you are using? ([x] button, agree, etc...) I have tried every combination of buttons including Menu>Help>Update Privacy It seems to accept the change for a while as you can sometimes restart and not get the Privacy Popup but then somehow gets reset. 4. On which version of the utorrent you are? I tried to fix it on every version of uTorrent I had in my updates folder from .45672 until I got to 3.5.5_45449 which is the last one I had that doesn't have this bug , looks like it came in between 3.5.5_45449 and 3.5.5_45505.I 5. Did you modify any settings, if yes, which settings are changed? Just all the settings to disable ads. I did that ages ago and have had no problems until these recent versions. I'm using Windows Defender on Win 10 x64 as Administrator and running May Feature update with all the latest MS updates. I even did a Revo uninstall and registry clean up and then clean install of uTorrent latest versions without the ads removed using basic settings and it still happened. Blocking utorrentie.exe in Windows Firewall and the security permission changes discussed above fix this. Hope this helps , thanks for getting involved, what are your ideas on why this is happening and how utorrentie.exe security settings and web access are involved? Chris
  5. Hey Rafi, ah okay , I will try that out. Thanks.
  6. Yes, but the system writes the new updated exes in that folder so changing the access could block updates... Would be good if a dev posted here to say they are aware of the issue and putting in a fix.
  7. Hi rafi, yes, its true, , all these solutions are just temporary fixes as when a new version comes out it will have to be blocked or have its security settings changed again. Hopefully devs have seen it as a bug report and will fix it in an update
  8. HI rafi,this explains it.. follow the instructions as if utorrentie.exe was the actual program file. block an application in windows firewall
  9. Hi rafi, true , but utorrentie.exe is just recreated by the program everytime you run utorrent. Blocking utorrentie.exe in the windows firewall has fixed it for me after Dr Strange worked out that was where the bug was.
  10. Hi Dr Strange, looking good, did what you suggested and it survived first reboot on 3.5.5_45648 without showing the message and updated itself to 3.5.5_45672. I edited the new (3.5.5_45672) utorrentie.exe and rebooted again and no popup . Great job on the fix , very neat solution. I've also tried setting the SYSTEM security settings for utorrentie.exe back to normal and blocking utorrentie.exe in the windows firewall and that has also survived a few program restarts and a reboot so far. Great job in tracking it down. .
  11. Hi rafi , I did try your settings file, it still happens. Shadey has the same problem it seems. It even happens on a clean install so it seems like a bug of some kind. It may be okay for a while but then on a reboot the Privacy screen reappears when uTorrent is started. ^ Is it stable or still buggy?As regards the May Feature update for Win10, this is surprisingly good for me. I have a lot of software installed and many drivers etc and unlike some of the previous updates it seems very stable.I would say it is worth a try , just take an image of the OS before you install it so you can roll back if you have problems. I have been running it for nearly a month now and it seems fine and with me having so much software my pc is a pretty tough test.
  12. Hi, any more news on this? is this a common issue? rolling back all the way to v has fixed it for me All versions I have tried after that have this bug. Im on windows 10 May 2020 (v,2004) feature update in case that is somehow relevant
  13. Yes, I never could solve this problem , just using v which does not have this issue and turned off autoupdate.
  14. Hi rafi, thanks, will do, do you know in which file the torrent history is stored, I would like to be able to keep a copy of that file so I could replace that but am not sure where it is kept. Thanks
  15. Hi rafi, thanks, will look into it. I agree it does seem like an issue with something like settings.dat I have been losing all my settings at times. Where is the history of downloaded torrents stored? If I can replace that I can do a clean install to try to fix the issue. Thanks, Chris