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  1. Sorry for my French, but latest 3.3.1 is piece of s***. It destroyed all my settings, RSS and downloads... Any less destructive idea?
  2. wait, version 3.3.1 is *upgrade* for 3.4? o_O ps: thanks
  3. Version 3.4a (28937) Last torrent is never completed. When downloading reaches 100% it replaces status to "Flushing (some number)" and it remains such forever. If you stop torrent and Force Recheck, then it finds few block incomplete. Tried to change write caching, but it didn't really help. However if new torrent is added and starts to download, then somehow previously unfinished torrent quickly finishes.
  4. Not sure if it is right place to post, but anyway it need to be posted somewhere. Consider scenario: 1. Add some torrent from magnet link 2. Torrent added to uTorrent with some default location. No file dialog is displayed (despite it is expected for new torrents). 3. Stop torrent before file list is obtained ("Files" tab is empty). 4. Change location via "Advanced -> Set download location" 5. Notice "Save as" line on General tab is correct. Start torrent. 6. Once file list is obtained, location is reset to previous default location. I think being configured to ask for location, uTorrent should ask for magnet links too. And if torrent's download location is changed it should not be reset.
  5. Since build 17618 doesn't show balloons at systray.
  6. Did I get it right that compatibility issues with Jetico firewall on XP SP3 will not be investigated and solved? Another question: during beta-testing can be posted debug version of uTorrent along with symbols? This could help to resolve problems if third party is involved (like Jetico in this case)
  7. Well I would agree on the subject of "tons", but it is because lots of things were opened when I took the snapshot. Although all this stuff exists in my comp for years and didn't cause any troubles, I don't want to argue and just did a bit simpler thing. Since none of this stuff (but Creative dll) loaded at startup I restarted my computer and when encountered uTorrent "crashed" message I ran Process Explorer and saved snapshot. here it is ps: ABBY Lingvo is a dictionary. upd: Ok... I did small research by disabling everything non-Microsoft that runs at startup (it was not so hard since it includes only volume control and firewall) and the winner was firewall When firewall is completely disabled no crash occur. Though there is no internet connection as well (i suspect firewall filters are registered somewhere within network protocols). So I guess something is messed up in mixture of SP3+Jetico+uTorrent...
  8. Ultima I should have been expecting such question. Why i didn't attach it from the beginning? here are both logs what's next?
  9. Ok, post it here. Latest alpha 1.9 15380 crashes repeatedly on XP SP3. Had XP SP2 installed from the beginning and didn't encounter any crash of uTorrent ever. Couple days ago (well, already couple weeks ago) I installed SP3 and since then always have crashes of uTorrent at startup (it has shortcut from Startup menu). Cannot be relaunched immediately - need to wait while system is completely up and only then choose "Just relaunch" and it works. Not a big deal, I don't reboot for months. But more annoying thing is that sometimes (~50%) it crashes when picks torrent from Firefox. And crashes the process that is supposed to pass data to already running process. It means that uTorrent remains alive, but new torrent not added for download. I thought maybe UPX eventually has messed up... Downloaded uncompressed exe... The result is same. pack of crash dumps
  10. Hmm... You are right, turning uTP off helped indeed in both cases of upload limiter. But download speed lowered significantly (from 195k -> 70k). I guess it's because lots of clients use uTP and ignoring uTP traffic leads to insufficient utilization of available sources... When I turned uTP off (bt.transp_disposition=5) I restarted uTorrent, but after I observed low speed I restored bt.transp_disposition=15 and effect was immediate: upload speed raised from 30 to 40 and download jumped twice!
  11. I posted previously that upload limit was fixed... Well, I was wrong. Upload speed limiting doesn't work as expected. Actual limitation is 10-15kb/s higher. My physical limit is 64K, so I have to set uTorrent limit to 30 in order to get 40-45. Example for 8 uploading-only torrents in parallel with 4 downloading (so 12 active). Queue is 50 active torrents (4 download) Global maximum connections: 512 Connected peers per torrent: 200 Number of upload slots per torrent: 5 I have problems starting from alpha 14470, which is the last build that works like a Swiss clock (in terms of limiters). And it's not only "reported values" of uTorrent. My firewall has it's own speed meter and it confirms that uTorrent14470 follows own limits much better than all following alphas including 15380. Is there any plans to fix limiters? Global and per-torrent as well? Please?
  12. in the 14981 global speed limit was fixed, but per-torrent limit (torrent context menu -> Bandwidth Allocation -> Set Download limit) is still broken.