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  1. Thank you DreadWing, for giving attention to my post. I have downloaded AirDroid on desktop and device, and have been able to accomplish the task. Last time I played around with apks was a few years ago, and fell out of touch with the process. It is now coming back to me. Thank you again.
  2. Here are the two versions of the apk that I want to install - and I'm also forwarding a snapshot of the error message.
  3. The associated icon is uTorrent. Android phone - what app do I use? Thank you for clarifying. Most apps I download come from Play Store, so they open naturally, without issue. The uTorrent apk download is what has baffled me. Need to change the app that will open it.
  4. No matter the apk I'm downloading and trying to install, no matter the source of the torrent, and whether download or magnet, when I attempt to open the apk, uTorrent indicates "Unable to load "xxxxxxxxxx" - torrent is not valid bencoding". My devices have Developer privileges, USB debugging mode is enabled, I am able to transfer the apks from the desktop to the devices, but uTorrent is indicating that the devices I have selected "USB storage disabled". None of this is making sense. Would greatly appreciate assistance.