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  1. I have been using both applications for more than 5 years .... and never ever had any problems... however my laptop, 18 months old is doing all sorts of things and i will be without it for several weeks... i have an older laptop with the same applications on and yesterday I have seen Utorrent is still on that one along with Malwarebytes... I will have to raise the issue again if the next laptop does the same....thanks..
  2. I pay for Utorrent. At first I was getting a pop up to select which torrent I wanted to use. I only had Utorrent....Then the application disappeared.... I have downloaded it using the information on the payment receipt however after a day it disappears from my screen.... I can no longer download it at all...The moment the installer is finish it gets crossed out and the word removed appears. I have tried to contact this site several times as I do not want to keep paying if I can not even use it. I use Google Chrome however I have tried to down load it on Microsoft edge as well and it does the same.... I also use Malwarebytes and a VPN. however where necessary i have put Utorrent as to be allowed.... i am at my wits end...