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  1. I recently had to do a fresh reinstall of utorrent and since the install I can't reduce the window size. It only goes down so far which is still 90% of the screen. I seen somebody has asked this before but never got an answer and the post was archived. Before the reinstall I was able to reduce the window to a size I like. Also now the start/stop torrent buttons on the tool bar are now hidden. Any help would be appreciated. One other thing... Before the reinstall Firefox would automatically open uTorrent and start the download, now I have to go into my downloads and double click to start.
  2. Not sure were to post this so I put it in General, it's just kind of a curiosity or a heads up. I use a VPN called VPN Unlimited. It has 3 torrent streaming servers (use to have more but something changed), and then several other servers. Some of these servers are streaming servers. When I go to watch something on Amazon prime the servers I normally use don't work. Amazon can tell I'm using a VPN and won't let me play anything. So I switch to one of the streaming servers called Amazon Prime Video. Here's the strange part... After I go back to my torrent server, or just turn off the VPN all together uTorrent will no longer download or upload torrents. It's still connected, status bar updated I can add new torrents, but they remain in "Finding Peers" mode and the torrents I'm uploading say Seeding but are red. I can't find any reason for this. First time this happened I had to reboot my PC, second time I had to go in and change somethings (delete some files or something, I can't remember), this last time I had to do a complete uninstall and reinstall to get it working again. All I can figure is the Amazon VPN server is changing something in uTorrent. To me it seems a little odd that a VPN server can attack a specific program like this, it seems intentional. Has any one experienced anything like this? Any you computer gurus know what's going on? I'm just going to steer clear of the Amazon VPN server.