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  1. This seems to have fixed my issue (knocks profusely on wood, LOL). Any plans on releasing a proper x64 bit version of uTorrent?
  2. Not by default, but you can manually do it by using the "relocate" feature to move all of the files to the same directory, however, there is a very large caveat here, if any files are the same name (such as folder.jpg), even if they are identical files, it will cause uTorrent to throw a fit that is hard to recover from, and not want to cooperate.
  3. To start with, don't do that! Be sure to shut uTorrent down before removing the external drive. If you can't, then you will need to have uTorrent do a "Force Re-Check" on any torrents that were active when the drive was disconnected before uTorrent will do anything with the files again, since it doesn't truly know when it lost access to the disk.
  4. wb6vpm


    I have the following setup using Microsoft Storage Spaces to set it up in parity mode for redundancy, which with the parity space loss of approximately 33%, I have a bit over 24TB of storage space (remember that 8TB drives are actually closer to 7.25TB when properly calculated). 1 x USB 5 bay drive enclosure (they also make this in a USB-C version if your computer has a C port): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0734G79FW/ 5 x WD Red Plus 8TB drives: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D3MWMNZ/
  5. I'm assuming if I "properly" shut down uTorrent (File > Exit > Yes), one of a few options happens: uTorrent finishes the move before shutting down the program uTorrent gets the copy to a "safe" point (perhaps at a block edge point?) and notates where that point is, and then shuts down the program uTorrent basically just stops doing anything, closes the files, and screws up the downloaded files Which one (or something else) is it that happens?
  6. Please allow a way to bulk move downloaded files without having to specify the new download directory for every torrent. This is useful if a user is having to move to a new drive, and has potentially 100's of torrents to move. It could be a context menu option that only shows when multiple torrents are selected, where when you click on it, the directory selection window opens to select the new root directory for all torrents selected. The current way is significantly broken when you are having to deal with high torrent counts, as you have to reselect the new directory every time. It doesn't even remember the last used directory when opening the save to window (which I know there are ways to do that, as other applications do open the save to window to the last used directory without issue, just not sure how it's done as I am admittedly not a programmer).
  7. When you move the files of a torrent (right click torrent > Advanced > Set Download Location), have the status bar of the torrent show the completion state of the move like when it is downloading or checking the torrent. In any other active (changing) state, the bar graph changes as a percentage of completion, and shows *Activity* & percent complete. This would allow me to see if it actually is doing something, or if something in the process has hung up (also, would let me know around how much longer I have until the task is done).
  8. Not that I've been able to figure out.
  9. I was just using my Preferences page to show @John573 where to make the changes he was looking for.
  10. Yes, if you go to Options -> Preferences -> Advanced -> UI Extras and empty the "Search Engines" box it will remove it.
  11. As best I can tell, this only happens if the window is not large enough to support the entire toolbar (yeah, I know there's a lot of deadspace in the middle that should be considered available, but it doesn't unfortunately apparently).
  12. I've had a related problem to this issue as well, where I will be seeding about 300 torrents, and utorrent will suddenly close, and pop up with this message for a few seconds. I am not creating any new torrents, just doing normal seeding and maybe downloading a couple of torrents, nothing too hard, haha!
  13. This is done by checking the box for "Limit the upload rate to (kB/s) and setting the text field to 0.
  14. System Info: uTorrent (v. 3.5.5 build 54798 32 bit) Windows 10 Pro (v. 2004 build 19041.508) What happens: When I have a torrent that has multiple trackers in the same tier, and one of the trackers causes a 'HTTP Error 502', uTorrent does not try another tracker in the same tier. If I break up the trackers with a line between them, it attempts connecting to each one. uTorrent is the only client that does this, rTorrent, qBittorrent, Transmission all correctly handle this situation. What should happen: uTorrent should move on to the next tracker in a tier if the first tracker throws an error. Example: Doesn't Work: https://tracker1.tier1.com/ <- Throws a 502 error, uTorrent doesn't attempt to contact tracker 2 https://tracker2.tier1.com/ Does work and moves on to tracker 2 if tracker 1 throws a 502 error): https://tracker1.tier1.com/ BLANK LINE https://tracker2.tier1.com/ (technically tracker 2 is now a tier 2 tracker)