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  1. That's a fair comment. Thank you.
  2. I have had an issue many times where there will be 30 peers and 1 seed. you will be 90% complete when that 1 seed will disappear and never return. Would it be possible to set downloads so that they download the least available pieces first or at least make the least available parts a higher priority. It would mean that the files are more evenly distributed across the peers and you have a lower chance of you being stuck getting unfinished torrents. it should actually lead to there being no "least available pieces" as the moment one slips into that range someone else should pick it up.
  3. I have actually wondered if there is a better way to add them. I often have a several torrents that I want to add add trackers to. Could there be a way to just add to a single list and them to all torrents.