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  1. OMFG. Found another post with the same issue This is the solution that worked for me I have the same problem. But, I solved it in kinda dumb way. Try to change the PC display into portrait. After that, resizing Detailed Info Pane in portrait display ( Within 15 second before it turn back to landscape display if the 'OK/Keep' not clicked). Then it turn-back to Landscape, and the detailed info pane fixed.
  2. I just found out that if I click F5, I can now "hide" the detailed info and see the list of torrents. But... if I press F5 (or select "detailed info" via menu), the "file list" is back to the no-divider-glitch. I think I have no choice but to copy all the mirror links, save the incomplete files, uninstall and start back from scratch.
  3. Trust me, I've tried that. I've tried everything ! The "divider" has kind of disappear below the file list "window" (see picture). I can't "grab" the line anymore... The only divider working now is the vertical one. I tried playing with columns, resetting settings, etc. My last resort would be to uninstall (including the "settings" box option). But I don't want to lose the active files... I could save the incomplete files but would lose the mirrors/links.
  4. I was scrolling threw a long file list and I found myself incapable of reducing the size again of that section (using the "divider") to get back to the torrents list. It is stock open and the "divider" line doesn't show anymore. I tried to uninstall and reinstall and it is still the same. It'd driving me completely nuts.