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  1. I have rearranged some paths on my computer and moved files around. For some torrents, the content (downloaded files) was moved. I know I can reassociate an existing download with a new content location by right-clicking a torrent -> advanced -> change download location. That actually works pretty well. But for some other torrents, the location of .torrent file has changed, too. Now uTorrent display such downloads with "Error: cannot open .torrent file: <old path>". This is of course expected, but how can I remediate that? I.e. how do I tell uTorrent that it should now look for the .torrent file for a given job in a different location? (I know that removing the torrent and re-adding it can be used as the last resort, but I would prefer not to do that, if possible. I have a complex system of tags, different save directories, custom destination names, etc. This all will have to be re-done manually if torrent is re-added, so it's a PITA.) Thanks in advance!
  2. Bacc

    3.5.x Beta

    This is what I see when trying to download LAA file today: Couple days ago the stub was similar, but wording was about a virus. In either case, there does not seem to be a link to bypass the message and unblock the file. Windows Defender does block uTorrent in general, regardless of patches. At least, that's what my experience was. However, LAA patch will make the file even less trustworthy (and rightfully so) because it breaks the digital signature.
  3. Bacc

    3.5.x Beta

    Google does not allow to download the LAA file anymore, says there's a virus there. Can you create a LAA version of the latest beta? Because that's what I'm using. ------ Update: I managed to create an LAA version myself (there are tools available on the Internet, apparently.) It works beautifully. Suddenly, no crashes in 3 days and counting. Thanks for the great idea! (I wish there was a native 64-bit version of uTorrent, though. C'mon, it's 21st century already.)
  4. I'm desperately troubleshooting some nasty crashes. One of the things I tried was playing around with caching settings. Unfortunately, that did not help much and hence I'd like to go back to default settings. However, I do not remember what they were. Can someone post a screenshot of the below Settings page in the all-defaults configuration? Thanks in advance!