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  1. Thanks for the update. In case anyone had high hopes for the new build, it's still crashing every ~10 minutes at me.


    Oh great. Now apparently it crashes even before it manages to save the settings file at least once. Because every time I relaunch it again, it opens the browser with the stupid “hey we've updated you” page. Which probably means that the fact it already did that was not recorded in the settings file. So, it becomes even worse than before.

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  2. also, let's stay on topic. This thread is about beta versions. Announcing new betas, their features and download issues is spot on. Discussing issues that happen in those versions is also okay, even though we might should have moved it into separate threads with that. But saying that nobody needs betas and an old version is all you need is definitely not on topic here.

    I'm not saying that point is invalid. In fact, I am strongly considering finding an old x64 version and trying it myself. (Because there were 64-bit builds of uTorrent—and I think they would handle large number of torrents much better.) But so far, I am reluctant to take this road because I do not want to run unsupported three-years-old code which has God knows how many issues in it. (Including, potentially, security bugs.) And also, I don't trust 3rd party download websites.

    But, again, this is not on topic here, so let's not discuss that in this thread. I would be very happy to hear everyone's perspective on this topic in my 64-bit feature request thread because that would help bump it.

  3. 4 minutes ago, joshace said:

    Do you agree, that the only thing necessary to make this a "native 64-bit version" is to take the same code, and compile it with a 64 bit compiler instead of an ancient 32 bit compiler?  

    Yes and no. In theory, it might be simple. Especially given that uTorrent did have a native 64-bit version already. They just discontinued it for some reason which I never understood.

    In practice, there may be additional steps needed to port the old code to 64-bit platform. My point is not that it's effortless, but it will pay off very soon due to the efficiency of memory allocation. Multiple errors around memory allocation will simply go away. Either because of the robustness of 64-bit platform itself, or because during the porting process, these errors will be highlighted and hence it would be easier to fix them.

    Shipping only 32-bit apps in the modern world is simply not sustainable, unless it's a very simple app which does practically nothing. (Which is definitely not the case of uTorrent since it handles large volumes of data by design and hence needs to be very efficient.)

  4. 9 hours ago, joshace said:

    There is a way to fix the digital signature, but that is not necessary. 

    I honestly disagree, but that's not the point of this thread.

    10 hours ago, joshace said:

    Ideally, Utorrent will eventually have the LAA flag enabled.

    No, LAA is not the ultimate solution. Even with LAA, a 32-bit process is limited to 4 GB of memory. Which is clearly not always sufficient. (Though without LAA, it's only 2 GB which is simply catastrophic.)

    The right thing to do in 21st century is to build and release a native 64-bit version of the app.

    However, this is not the point of this thread either, hence I posted in the “Feature request” section. (Even though I strongly feel like the app is abandoned, and we won't see any major development in the future, apart from some clumsy monetization bolt-ons.)

  5. 10 hours ago, ex58 said:

    Holy crap, why this all is so hard.

    The link above only downloads the old stable version for me, 45852. Based on previous experience, I know it will probably change in the future, perhaps in a day or two. But right now, it gets the old version. And apparently there's no direct link to the new version.

    In-product update checker won't find a new version either and keeps saying that I'm up to date.

    I have mad respects to rafi and all the work he's trying to help folks out there. But he only posts already modified binaries with LAA flag enabled, so I cannot verify the digital signature of the file.

    So, guess I'm going to use a hex editor now to change rafi's file to LAA disabled and see if the signature becomes valid.

    Yes, it worked. Once I flipped byte 00000166 from 23 (LAA) to 03 (non-LAA), the signature is valid. And yes, I flip it back before actually running the app because obviously who would want to run non-LAA. But I won't run it until I check the signature.

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  6. 22 minutes ago, rafi said:

    A "classic" use-case to try with my LAA mod with...

    I've been using LAA for the last half a year or so.

    Without LAA it was crashing every 10 minutes at ~4000 torrents. With LAA it became solid. It was crashing once a day or even less frequently.

    When I got to ~6000 torrents, with LAA it was crashing every 2-3 hours. At ~7000 it was crashing every 1 hour or so.

    Now with ~8200 it crashes every 10 minutes even with LAA.

    But thanks for the suggestion anyway!


    I also noticed that it does not matter how many torrents are active right now. I stopped *all* the torrents. And it's still crashing every 10 minutes.

  7. Ok, I just went from ~8100 torrents to ~8200 and now instead of crashing every hour, it crashes every 10 minutes. And uTorrent support is completely ignoring my messages.

    Why did I ever think that buying a pro version was a good idea?

  8. have you tried just waiting, maybe an hour or two? If your uTorrent behaves similarly to mine, then all the orphans should eventually start to show up normally without you fixing them manually.

  9. I think I see the same issue with random torrents. Except that it seems to fix itself over time. E.g. when I start uTorrent, maybe 50% of torrents are in this state. Then if I wait ~20 minutes, then only 30% are in this state. If I wait for an hour, all torrents are good.

    But then the app is crashing in about an hour or an hour and a half. And then I restart it and it happens again. But that's a different story.

    Out of curiosity, how many torrents do you have?

  10. Can someone please explain what's this torrent dissociation problem? I cannot tell from the description, and it does not seem like I have one. Maybe a screenshot or two could help. Thanks everyone! 

  11. 3 minutes ago, rafi said:

    It's the official beta link from>products->Windows beta...

    Thanks! I should have checked again before posting :) I tried yesterday, and it only gave me But today it does download

  12. 9 hours ago, rafi said:

    New beta build -  45916 , with LAA flag (updated in my sig-links).

    Supposedly - should be including a new A/V for the Pro version..

    Can someone please post a link to the original, signed file? Thank y

  13. 11 minutes ago, joshace said:

    Isn't a new Beta due?

    I'm having one big problem with 45852 - it randomly loses the links between the *.torrent files and the downloaded files associated with them, and it is a major pain in my ass to rebuild those links.

    Sadly, it looks to me like the product is abandoned. There's no sight of development, in terms of beta versions of otherwise. I opened a support ticket couple weeks ago and did not even receive a formal initial response.

  14. 8 hours ago, rafi said:

    Which OS ? 32/64 bit? How much RAM and active SWAP file size? How much cache is defined in uTorrent?


    Windows 10 (latest version) 64-bit. 14 GB RAM. The page file is set to automatic value, and it's currently 14 GB as well.

    (Even though it looks like the system is not really using it very heavily. Typically, only <100 MB of the page file is used.)

    uTorrent cache is not overridden. (Both “override automatic cache size” and “reduce memory usage” checkboxes are cleared.)

    I assume the application should do the right thing automatically. I have tried other values (e.g. 200 or 1800) but there were still issues.

    (Honestly, maybe these issues, crashes and hangs, happened less often when I have “override automatic cache size” selected. I'm still trying to experiment with different settings to see if there's any pattern.)

  15. I keep adding torrents, and I'm currently at 2813 torrents total.

    Unfortunately, it looks like even with LAA, the latest versions (including 45828) do crash seldomly. It's much better than without LAA, but still inconvenient.


    It looks that it typically happens when I leave machine unattended for a long time, many torrents finish downloading and start seeding. If I keep an eye on it and stop seeding every torrent shortly after it finishes downloading, uTorrent never crashes or hangs.

    Maybe it's finally time for a native 64-bit version. It would be able to operate memory much more efficiently.

  16. Yeah, Defender seems to be very unhappy about uTorrent. Here's the list of threats being detected.

    • EUS:Win32/Graphez!cl
    • PUA:Win32/Pearfoos.A!ml
    • PUA:Win32/uTorrent

    The last one is understood and expected. The other two are not. They very well may be false positives, but I'd say the team needs to do something about it long-term.

  17. Thanks!  

    1 hour ago, ex58 said:

    This link still downloads


    ...and after installing from the former link, it gives you the following greeting:


    You've just been upgraded to uTorrent version!

    yay five-part product versions!


    Funny thing is, the installer seems to be large address aware already. Apparently, it's compiled with LAA flag from the get-go! While the actual uTorrent executable (laid down by installer) is still not LAA.

  18. I've been using latest betas (from this thread) + LAA patch for the last couple of weeks. No more crashes for me. (Once it automatically updated itself, before I could apply LAA patch, and it immediately brought back frequent crashes.) So, LAA seems to really solve the crashing problem, at least to me!

    Now there's a slightly different problem. Every once a while (approximately once a day) the window hangs. It does not look like a crash. The symptoms are visually different, and it happens much less frequently. (Without LAA patch, the application crashes every 5-10 minutes at me.) So, I think it's a whole different issue.

    I've tried playing with disk cache settings and disabling DHT, it does not seem to help. So, I'm yet to see what other settings I may change trying to isolate the hang issue.

  19. This is what I see when trying to download LAA file today:


    Couple days ago the stub was similar, but wording was about a virus. In either case, there does not seem to be a link to bypass the message and unblock the file.


    Windows Defender does block uTorrent in general, regardless of patches. At least, that's what my experience was. However, LAA patch will make the file even less trustworthy (and rightfully so) because it breaks the digital signature.

  20. On 6/28/2019 at 8:31 AM, rafi said:

    Question is - how well does it work (on x64)? Can you see the memory (Process Explorer)  go over 1900M w/o any internal hard coded limit, and no hangup/crash?



    On 10/12/2020 at 10:41 AM, rafi said:

    Who crashes - Windows? ... ;P  Try my LAA version...


    Google does not allow to download the LAA file anymore, says there's a virus there.

    Can you create a LAA version of the latest beta? Because that's what I'm using.


    Update: I managed to create an LAA version myself (there are tools available on the Internet, apparently.) It works beautifully. Suddenly, no crashes in 3 days and counting. Thanks for the great idea!

    (I wish there was a native 64-bit version of uTorrent, though. C'mon, it's 21st century already.)