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  1. Hi, I’ve been having a weird issue for some months. After downloading a movie (up to 100%), the file is normally seeding in utorrent. However, if I do open the file and watch the movie, then a few seconds after it turns red in utorrent, which then displays “Error : Element not found” (the file thus stop seeding). I’ve to “force re-check” the torrent, it usually checks up to about 95-98% (and god knows where the rest of the file went). Yet, I can open the movie in VLC and it correctly plays. This happens with about 90% of the movies I’m downloading. This is very annoying, since I’d like to be able to seed these files for a while, and now I spend my time force re-checking files, re-downloading missing parts (and I usually do that several times per file, once the issue start it does not usually goes away easily). I’ve no idea what’s going on. I updated utorrent, it did not solve the problem. I’m wondering wether windows 10 may generate some sort of temporary file when I open the movie, erase it when I’m done watching, and maybe utorrent would consider that the file is not complete anymore? Sounds unlikely. Any idea? Best