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    Missing torrents...

    Sorry, what I meant by reboot is sometimes when I restart my computer and utorrent restarts, my torrent list will be completely empty, none of my torrents that were there before restarting my computer were there anymore. I look on the sidebar and everything was listed as 0 but when I look in my designated file where the downloads were to go the torrent files will still be there but incomplete and nothing on utorrent to seed the files anymore, any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Also, this doesn't happen all the time or every time I restart my computer just sometimes, and this last time there was a torrent that was extremely hard to find and was nearly complete. Anyway, thanks for any help with this issue...
  2. Why do uTorrent files randomly disappear when I reboot my computer. Meaning, like today, I was downloading a torrent that was very hard to find and even slower to download. it was up to 96%, which took 4 days to get that far, and when I rebooted my computer and relaunched uTorrent the torrent was gone. In fact, two other downloads which I just started today were gone as well. The unfinished folders remain in my downloads but the uTorrent is completely devoid of any torrents, why is this and how can I get them started again.? It took too long to get to 96% to restart the one all over again, not to mention it was 16gb and I would like to save my monthly allotted downloads. Help, please.!!!