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  1. I am using the most up to date version available? "You’re up-to-date! µTorrent 1.8.7 is currently the newest version available." So, what was the point of your message? You're threatening me with my posting being closed? Explain yourself?
  2. Whenever I use UTorrent, my router completely disconnects from the server and from internet. Every web page returns a too slow to respond or an error. Network Diagnostics shows server and internet as yellow or red instead of green. I'm using an Apple Macbook. None of the online guides look like the current version of 1.8.7, though I think I found those settings and reduced allowances accordingly, but it has made no difference. UTorrent speeds are already painfully slow. I've read previous posts of a similar nature, but none of the answers solve the issue. Can anybody help please?