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  1. Interesting...I've upgraded to 1.8.2 and set bt.transp_disposition to "3" with encryption enabled and incoming legacy connections allowed. I am on a University network which is 5Mb/s up and down. However, the University network is throttling bittorrent traffic and I get very consistent speeds capped at 90KB/s up and down. With the new client and said config changes I am now maxing out my upload speed (5Mb/s). However, my download speed is only about 1Mb/s. This could simply be due to poor swarm speed though. It appears that using uTP defeats my university traffic shaping. Now, that may sound just great, but what if every other resident here was also able to defeat the University's traffic shaping? Am I correct that the way uTP works is that regular TCP traffic (the majority of activity) will take priority and not be slowed down? If so, this is great news because the "wasted" bandwidth will be used when it can while not impacting regular academic and other real-time use.