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  1. hi, there is a tutorial to create torrents with µtorrent .. because I follow a tutorial and tmaybe there are some differences between mac and windows way !!!
  2. hello, late in the night, I did command + n... and a dialog appeared to make torrents .... very nice !!! but when this feature was introduced ??? BTW,where I can find a tuto to make them, please ???
  3. why beta (19343) doesn't find this new beta release ?? BTW where is ?? when clicking no download is show !!!
  4. what interface part, tabs ??? did you see new apps or new versions ???
  5. yes ti's very improved..... now waiting making my own torrents wirthin µtorrent !!! I hope that this time is closer...
  6. some ideas: move torrent to a folder before imported in µtorrent move files to another folder but keeping an alias on curent download torrent folde........ butr what is very nice, it's that at each µtorrent release it's works better and with less cpu usage ( now I've 4 times mores torrents)
  7. and needed feature goes to: make a torrent from µtorrent mac add my vote, please !!!
  8. for me works fine !!! just a little problem: radios are fancy... I've a Torrent with a 66.241 ratio !!! just waiting for create torrents with µtorrent mac
  9. fine for me...!!! 50 torrent crossing gate broken !!! tested, Iuploaded 20 more torrents and works flawless...
  10. sorry, but I use 4 macintel !! but is a great new..... thanks FIRON !!! I want to try it as soon you release it !!!
  11. for some torrents I've irreal, seeding rates: 1.200 or 3.000 ??
  12. I would try this version... but can I revert to 0.9.2 (172627) without losing current torrents
  13. sorry I'm quite stupid (I unable to find it ) can some one give me the link to download it ???
  14. helo, I'm not sure that is the place to post: I've this version uTorrent-Mac-17267 but I cann't find a newer version !! can somebody give a link, please ??? I've read about X181 but I didn't find it !!!