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  1. At the moment, I'm experiencing very weird range of issues that I've never faced before. Honestly, your thread sounds very promising. I'm using the most recent version which is 3.5.5 and just done with all your tips & tricks. I really appreciate your time and effort to write such a thorough problem solving guide for all other users.The least I can do is, back to you with an update to see what's my uTorrent response to your guidelines. Update: For the first couple of minutes every thing was perfect but again this "Disk Cache Overload" thing happened and ruined everything. I've tried all tricks could be found around the Net with no luck including yours. I used to use FDM for downloading ultra big torrent files with no problem. The only issue with FDM is very weak memory management that makes my system slow as hell.
  2. Hello uTorrent users, Recently I faced with an issue that I had encountered many years ago and I couldn't remember how I got to the bottom of it so I started to dive into google search results and come across to following archived ancient thread on uTorrent forum: Frankly, it really didn't help that much but after some trial and error attempts I remembered how I resolved this very common issue for the first time many years ago. then I decided to share my experience with all uTorrent users, hoping others share their successful experiences with people as well. This issue occurs when users experiencing: An internal/external storage issue Changing/Editing file & folder properties such as name or migrating from default location to new location OS crash Torrent client crash Closing Torrent client process inappropriately Upgrading/Downgrading your Torrent client (software change) and/or hardware change Switch from one Torrent client to another The very 1st thing you need to check is saving location; drive and folder check. It means you need to make sure you add/implement the torrent file into your torrent client (in our case uTorrent) with correct saving location (including right drive and exact the same folder name). Now it's time to reveal the secret behind all this. It's too visible and obvious to be seen. Simply make sure "Create Subfolder" checkbox is checked. As simple as that. That's it. You are good to go. If your "Start Torrent" checkbox is checked you don't need to take any further steps. After adding the torrent your client starts rechecking automatically otherwise you need to right click on the torrent in your torrent list and select "Force Recheck" option from the menu. Believe it or not, this stupid thing, wasted 6 hours of my time so I hope it saves you a lot of hassles, nerves and also time. Best of luck and Happy New Year 2021,