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  1. Thanks, I finally did that but couldn't post because of post limits and it still kept happening so I looked up old posts on google and saw where a member said it didn't apply to already picked torrents and I had a lot in queue so I deleted all of them and tried a new one and it worked fine. Thanks again everyone for all the help.
  2. Ok, still having some problems here. Files are still being stored in This PC- Downloads, also possibly in This PC- Videos, not sure if they're being stored in the selected folder which is Elements- Video because I copied and pasted a bunch of videos from Downloads before trying to redirect where I want them stored. This definitely a new thing as I've never had this problem before despite using Utorrent for the past decade or more. Will post second post to finish w/ screenshots. Any help would be appreciated, thanks very much.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I thought I had done this by pic related, I guess I forgot and need to do it in one of the top 2 fields. Thanks much again.
  4. Hi, hoping to ask for some help. Utorrent puts everything in the 'downloads' folder on my PC on C drive. So now my local disc is full while there is still tons of room on other discs. Any help, suggestions, etc? TIA