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  1. Side note -- anyone else having issues with BTT forums / support -- they are 100% unresponsive over there and my support posts not getting approved.
  2. This is uTorrent software. The wallet itself works fine. uTorrent is the one getting errors... also experiencing it freezing up and crashing a lot. Never experienced this before connecting the wallet / speed. Also how can i be sure i'm earning BTT? It doesnt seem to be working anymore since 3/29
  3. Hey hey, I recently tried to get SPEED to work... and have been seeding a lot of files. However when I click on "SPEED" i get 2 errors: "Can't access helper UI - try again later" "Speed failed to start. We'll keep trying" It worked fine when i set it up... so now i'm worried about my BTT wallet cos i can't seem to access it any other way? How do I make sure uTorrent is connected to my wallet? And also how do I fix Speed? :D Cheers, Sephrok