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  1. So after trying everything, having some success but then again having my BTT balances diverge and eventually freeze eventhough I'm seeding a lot I'm done with BTT and its garbage wallet. It's a shame because it's a really great idea.
  2. Okay, I tried everything and BitTorrent Speed ended up loading. However, now when I want to import my wallet with the correct passphrase or key I get stuck at "Importing your wallet...", no way around it, waiting for hours doesn't help either.
  3. Hi thanks for the suggestion, when I do this after deleting BitTorrent Helper, starting utorrent client and clicking on Speed I end up at and this shows:
  4. I have the same problem, I've found a post on reddit reporting the same more detailed: They really need to fix these problems asap or BTT will lose its legitimacy/worth quickly.
  5. Hey there, it is working now. Maybe they fixed it? What I did but had not helped fixing it fully (it lead to clickick BitTorrent Speed opened up a window in browser which was invalid) but did and maybe helped and you could try:
  6. Hello everyone, I've been using μTorrent - leeching and seeding a lot - for a couple of years and just recently learned about BTT and its standard integration in my μTorrent client. So now I wanted to 'use' it and earn something for keeping my torrents seeding for years. However, I fail to access BitTorrent Speed in my μTorrent client, I get a "Can't acess helper UI - try again later" error (see Screenshot). When I click Ok, my mouse shows something is loading for 2-3 seconds... but then nothing happens. I tried the same on my utorrent client on my laptop (that I hardly ever use) and there, after this error message, I am redirected to this website (, the xxxxx are numbers) and I see a (meager) BTT balance. However, on my standard comupter I never reach this and neither can I access the mentioned website I get on my laptop from my standard computer. Does any1 have any help how I could access my BitTorrent Speed / BTT? I would be most thankful! Best, Chris
  7. I have the same problem: "Can't access helper UI - try again later" shows up when I click on "Speed - Download Torrents Faster!" in utorrent. Re-Installing utorrent did not help. :( Any help?