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  1. Dear @techster i try withdraw BTT from in-app balance to on chain balance. goes to pending after few minutes waiting i check and not received. [{"id":1619452177851,"amount":1118000000,"created":1619614204,"type":"Withdrawal","status":"Pending","message":"transaction status illegal"}, i have a some problem within a days ago. and not get back this amount.
  2. some problem here via 2 days ago. all transfer goes to pending... and not received. ,"type":"Withdrawal","status":"Pending","message":"exchange balance on Tron network is not sufficient"}, sounds really bad...
  3. I have a some problem few times need 8-10x refresh the page to load balance in wallet. i hope soon solved. trongrid api request 503 response.
  4. Dear Utorrent Community. I have a little problem, i have too many Active torrent i need limit them. to max 10-15, but when set Maximum Number of Active torrents. 10 torrent run via seed mode. all other running with Queued mode. and in private tracker not count times. How can i disable Queued Mode, and set real active torrent value ? Thanks!