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  1. "You acknowledge and agree that you participate in the Services at your own risk and expense, and that we make no guarantee or representation that you will receive any compensation or disbursements as a result of your participation."
  2. programmers are bad at math, or their fantasies are quite strong
  3. no lucky people. if you take a closer look, you can see that these are their own automated addresses.
  4. The truth for me is that all this is badly invented and there is no way to work in the future. It is absurd to pay for something without knowing how much. The code decides for you. It can be 1 or 100000 BTT per MB. A human laugh ... absurd. I vote for the on/off button to always be on
  5. Their white paper explains why. But it doesn't matter when: In-app balance are points or numbers(you choose), not BTT tokens. They will become BTT tokens if you successfully transfer them to a personal wallet. But as we know, the magic died a month ago.
  6. You can try uninstall uTorrent Web with CCleaner Free.
  7. Earnings fell because millions of new ones joined in one day. No - in an hour. For points and numbers... The Devs have time to write automated software to drain all the BTT, but they don't have 1 minute to tell their users what's going on. And this integration with Binance seems to work only for them. So ...
  8. Restart the program until they reappear. Transfers have been suspended for 3 weeks. They will be active again at any unknown time.
  9. These are their own addresses. I guess they are automated. The tokens from them are moved to another address, then moved to several solid addresses. There are many and they block the network, which is why our requests were rejected. Of the 15 requests I made when there are millions of BTTs in TA1EHWb1PymZ1qpBNfNj9uTaxd18ubrC7a , only 1 was successful. The question is, what do they do?
  10. After the last restart and unsuccessful payment I waited for [info] x:\jenkins-workspace\workspace\token-wallet-pipeline\src\ledger.cpp::889::ledger_reconcile_bal to appear in the log. ledger_reconcile_bal appeared after 1 minute. Then I started BTSpeed and everything is fine. ........................................................................ Hope we get some techster answers tomorrow
  11. You can try without deleting the helper folder. Just restart the program when you get abandoned log. For me works well. Sometimes it takes more than 1 restart to ledger.reconcile_balance
  12. You will get them back. Check the wallet log for: [error] x:\jenkins-workspace\workspace\token-wallet-pipeline\src\exchange.cpp::415::Response: 2. Withdrawal attempt failed. Retrying. [error] x:\jenkins-workspace\workspace\token-wallet-pipeline\src\exchange.cpp::420::Abandoning withdrawal When you get this errors, usually takes 3 to 5 min. Restart the program and you will get them back. sometimes it takes more than 1 restart to ledger.reconcile_balance
  13. than go This is the address. with 17M BTT now
  14. most of them are their own addresses. they filter us so we don't get anything and so on