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  1. Deleting BtTorrentHelper fixed my problem. Problem is solved, thank you. 1k btt token are lost, bet it is little blood for working BTSpeed.
  2. Any updates? May be you can recommend software to clean my notebook from all uttorent files and in register(regedit) so i could install it like a fresh?
  3. No, I'm not using vpn Below you will find 1)screen of torrent version 2)1000 btt transaction on hold 3)screen of my speed (in russian thow) May be you also need my public address? Problem persist - I'm able to use BTT SPeed only for few seconds after I start Utrorrent.
  4. Hi. The problem is that Speed is available on my home notebook only for few seconds after I start Utorrent. After he tell that he cant gain access to site and shows me with error instead of I tried to reinstall utorrent and followed your guide and deleted speed folder. problem stays.