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  1. I did it yet 14 april but you still haven't answered me on my email. But I send to bttfeedback@bittorrent.com only have transaction History screens. Screenshot of Speed settings and screenshot of Speed Dashboard before trouble I do not have.
  2. Hello. I have a trouble. I transefered 16597 BTT from app to the chain (screenshot of this transfer in attached file). I had this 16597 BTT in pending from in-app to on-chain. But then i have a trouble like in this topic I followed the instructions from post https://forum.utorrent.com/topic/112355-speed-cant-access-helper-ui-try-again-later/?do=findComment&comment=535199 I lost the history and the pending transaction of my 16597 BTT What can i do now? I want received 16597 BTT to my chain My wallet’s public address TTnJ2tgrJjLAVio2pUyS11bCc4eUQ4WMGh