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  1. I strongly doubt it that techster misjudges or misinterprets the situation. He is quite an insider, so probably what he writes is true. However, this does not exclude two possibilities: 1. Speed Increase toggling ON all by itself - a known bug that may lead many or all of your BTT being spent; 2. Some other bug that may be not known to date. So, the best practice would be to attach the wallet.log file toghether with the screenshots, so that the support can better see what has actually happened. It is really strange what I can see from your screenshots but all I know is that currently the entire visualization of Speed is all messed up, this is why they're working on a better UI.
  2. These are two separate things - one is the technical issue that the dev team has been struggling with for I think more than a week now, and the second is your earnings. There is no STRUGGLE for BTT earning - it is all a matter of bidding. You cannot control who will leech what, how many people will do it and how often they will do it. For sure there are several right things to do in order to have a better chance of earning more BTT - seed 24/7, limit the number of possible connections to a single torrent, use trackers within the same geo location (there have been some observations in a topic here, I haven't peer reviewed them, just saying), choose highly leeched but poorly seeded torrents, so that you have a better chance to get some BTT. Basically that's it. Earning BTT is not mining in the sense of predictable yield, proportional to the input investment. Imagine it as an open market where your price and your speed may or may not be attractive to the potential leechers. So, yes, we all agree that there is a need for a better and less confusing UI, which will lead to a better UX and fewer frustrated users, but as far as I have followed this forum, it has been announced already that a better version of Speed is already in the works. So, once again - we can press and demand for a good, functional, clear and comprehensive software and network from the Tron devs but it is really important to know how earning BTT through torrent seeding or BTFS storage sharing works before raising claims.
  3. Aaand have you read the pinned posts before writing? Is it really that hard? It seems so, actually. Just look at the latest 15 topics - ALL of them are about one and the same problem. And this exact problem has been explained in the uppermost pinned topic. THERE'S A MAINTENANCE GOING ON. THERE ARE OBVIOUSLY SOME ISSUES AND IT TAKSE MORE TIME THAN INITIALLY EXPECTED. It just happens in software world. Now, just stop moaning and whining and just wait for updates. Flooding the forum with carbon copies of your distress will not speed up the process.
  4. Not so far. Just be patient. I personally think that the fact they're working on it for so long, could mean that finally we are about to experience a much better Speed.
  5. Just be patient, @techster has already explained that the maintenance will take longer and there will be an additional message when it's over and we can transfer BTTs again.
  6. @techster, do you know why we are experiencing the same problem since yesterday? No transfer goes from in-app to on-chain, neither in BTT Speed, nor in BTFS. Strangely, none of the in-app amounts are actually visible in Normally any amount of BTT that appears in-app should be seen as an incoming transaction on tronscan. It seems like something has broken down big time. Any light on this will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. This will not help. For more than 24 hours all transfers from in-app to on-chain both in Speed and BTFS fail.
  8. Hi @techster, today I have experienced another problem. Following your advise TO NOT touch anything for 7 days, so that all the thousands of lost BTT to be able to return to my balance, I have patiently waited for four days and three hours ago the in-app balance had reached to above 3 000 BTT. To my surprise, three hours later, I checked and more than 2 000 had just disappeared. You can see from the two screenshots the differences in balance, as well as my transaction history, showing no attempts for any transactions whatsoever. I haven't downloaded a single byt meantime, as well as Increased Speed has been toggled off for almost one week already. When is this going to be fixed? I am sick of losing BTT all the time. Please, give me some more particular answer. I really need to know how much have I earned, where has it all gone, and most importantly, when will I get it back? Thanks
  9. Hi Song, unfortunately this is something that happens. I don't know why and what leads to this failure. I have had a total of 4 such crashes of the btt page refusing to open permanently. I have tried absolutely everything. I have been in discussion with @techster for a couple of days already, and he has been actually the only real support I have managed to reach. He has promised that the BTT's lost in transaction have not been lost and that they will be restored. I have had more that 20,000 lost when trying to transfer from In-App to On-Chain and already around 100,000 BTTs that were there in total earning but never made it to in-app. All were lost, so I am hoping as much as you that this will be resolved. What I have noticed, however is that the crashes leading to "" not responding always happen from several hours to a couple of days after one or more transactions from In-App to On-Chain have gotten stuck in between with a permanent "pending" status. I am sharing this just as a feedback that might help developers of Speed to fix this very very frustrating bug. So, you're not alone, let's hope we will get back our earned BTT's soon!
  10. Thank you big time! This is just great news. But will I redeem all the lost in transaction BTT and all the BTT lost from TOTAL EARNED?
  11. Thank you for your prompt answer. I tried to update the client but it says "There is not new version available at this time."
  12. I have lost a couple of transactions from in-app to on-chain to the total value of nearly 15 000 BTT. Also, I have lost more than 50K of total earned BTT, after the bttspeed page stopped opening with an error message that cannot be accessed. I am looking for any support but nobody cares to reply to me.