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  1. Hi @techster, today I have experienced another problem. Following your advise TO NOT touch anything for 7 days, so that all the thousands of lost BTT to be able to return to my balance, I have patiently waited for four days and three hours ago the in-app balance had reached to above 3 000 BTT. To my surprise, three hours later, I checked and more than 2 000 had just disappeared. You can see from the two screenshots the differences in balance, as well as my transaction history, showing no attempts for any transactions whatsoever.

    I haven't downloaded a single byt meantime, as well as Increased Speed has been toggled off for almost one week already.

    When is this going to be fixed? I am sick of losing BTT all the time. Please, give me some more particular answer. I really need to know how much have I earned, where has it all gone, and most importantly, when will I get it back?


    Screenshot 2021-04-22 223101.png

    Screenshot 2021-04-22 222627.png

    Screenshot 2021-04-22 190842.png

  2. 11 hours ago, SongJinsoo said:

    help pz

    Hi Song,

    unfortunately this is something that happens. I don't know why and what leads to this failure. I have had a total of 4 such crashes of the btt page refusing to open permanently. I have tried absolutely everything. I have been in discussion with @techster for a couple of days already, and he has been actually the only real support I have managed to reach. He has promised that the BTT's lost in transaction have not been lost and that they will be restored. I have had more that 20,000 lost when trying to transfer from In-App to On-Chain and already around 100,000 BTTs that were there in total earning but never made it to in-app. All were lost, so I am hoping as much as you that this will be resolved.

    What I have noticed, however is that the crashes leading to "" not responding always happen from several hours to a couple of days after one or more transactions from In-App to On-Chain have gotten stuck in between with a permanent "pending" status. 

    I am sharing this just as a feedback that might help developers of Speed to fix this very very frustrating bug.

    So, you're not alone, let's hope we will get back our earned BTT's soon!

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