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  1. I refer to green bars, all day almost zero, no earnings at all!
  2. The only result of the new version is a total downgrade of earnings. Before I earned 8 - 20k per day, and now 300 BTT max. Same settings, same number of torrents, same BTT connected users. Thank you, Justin Sun!
  3. What's your bandwidth settings, how mutch torrents and how many BTT connected users on them?
  4. Same here, if earnings will NOT BACK TO NORMAL there is no point in being here at all!
  5. Right now everything is working, just i hope the earnings is back to normal, last 4-5 days they are terrible, ~ 10 - 20 BTT for day compared to 9 - 10k for a day before. I really hope that situation is changing....
  6. What you mean, if i have asian IP from VPN then earnings back to normal? Because right now earnings are terrible, 3 days cannot make even 1k BTT, what's going on?
  7. Hi everyone, What's your Preferences/Bandwidth/Number of Connections settings of Utorren't which help to earn more BTT, i set these 3 to: Global maximum number of connections: 300, Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 80 and Number of upload slots per torrent: 8. My upload net speed is 100mbit/sec (10mb/sec). I used to be before 2375, 2200, 14 to these settings, but not earn single coin for three days non-stop seed.
  8. So, what settings for these you recommend? For Global maximum number of connections, Maximum number of connected peers per torrent and Maximum number of connected peers per torrent. My upload speed is 100mbit/sec (10mb/sec).
  9. Where is setting for open slots in Utorrent? Do you mean in Preferences/Bandwidth Number of connections? I set Global maximum number of connections - 2357, Maximum number of connected peers per torrent - 2137 and Number of upload slots per torrent - 14.
  10. Hi everyone, I install and run bittorent speed, i seeded 26 torrents for 3 days nonstop, but total earning is 0, same results in home and in the office, Windows 10 Pro version 20H2. Upload speed is ~ 10 Mb/sec. Total seeded is about 50 TB. Connected BTT users ~ 100. What's happening, i don't earn single coin?
  11. I seeded 26 torrents with about 120 BTT Users for 3 days non-stop and receive an BIG nothing to this "0". Image Why is that, my upload speed is 10 mb/sec?