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  1. I am sorry I was confused about amount I send before.. I thought it was 1,000 BTT because that was minimum coin to be transfer. However I see that my first transaction to my exchange wallet was 2,300 BTT and I tried to transfer another 75,000 BTT in-app to on-chain then I couldn't access to speed site. I haven't got chance to transfer BTT coin to my exchange wallet. And I don't have speed dashboard and transaction history screenshots because I can not access!!! And I tried to access to the speed site today and it seems to be changed the issue. I attached the issue today. It says that "Please make sure your torrent client is running and relaunch BitTorrent Speed." and torrent client is running now.
  2. @techster Hi! This was the wallet address that i send to in-app balance in speed TWeJ1QLjZdyXt3q5zhFUS23uUdyW9TmGF6 Thank you!
  3. Here's my public address and transaction history screens. I also have transaction history with TRX which is using same wallet's address with BTT. I hope this can be solved.. Thank you for your help!!
  4. First of all, please excuse me that my English is not good.... I am from Korea and I gathered BTT coin by spread files by keep on seeds. I used uTorrentPro 3.5.5(build 45966) and my BTT coins in speed wallet was more than 75,000. I started exchange coins at exchange market and I followed the step to send my BTT coins to my exchange market wallet. Therefore I followed the steps to send my BTT coins and I had to buy Tron coins to send my BTT coins. I tried with 1,000 coins first and it worked very well.. And problem started from here.. I request to transfer my BTT coins in App to In-chain wallet and it said its progressing. It might takes 48hours. So I waited.. I transfer 75,000 coins.. but it's keep progressing in nextdays... And day after request transfer I could not access to speed site... " 사이트에 연결할 수 없음에서 연결을 거부했습니다. 다음 방법을 시도해 보세요. 연결 확인 프록시 및 방화벽 확인 ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED " This is What I got... I googled to fix this problem and I followed every solution but didn't work... I also mailed to help but I still didn't get reply... I also tried to use recovery windows back to 3days.. What do you think about this? does anyone have same problem with me? it took more than 2 yrs to gather BTT coins and my 2yrs just gone... If anyone know how to fix this problem please help me!!