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  1. Any truth in this : Fix: on XP the sidebar thought it was wider than it was in certain cases
  2. lol, rafi try downloading from the site, 22967!!!
  3. As I said no software firewall, using Eset eav 4.0.437 not ess.
  4. Sorry Switeck but no software firewall, just sitting behing router and it's configured correctly (port is open). v1.82 works like a dream, the problem only starts after installing 1.84. Also no chance of hostile software, I'm a pc tech and would know if anything was interfering. Appreciate any thoughts
  5. Anyone with the speed issues try b16301?
  6. Still not clear, does version 16286 address the speed and connection problem?
  7. Not clear, does "Fix startup race condition between network and disk I/O thread" address the speed fluctuations or has that issue not been fixed?
  8. Samething when seeding at max, speed rarely goes to max and then bottoms out to 2-5KB/s. Reinstalled 1.82 and problem solved.
  9. Big dissappointment with 1.82. First off downloads had trouble passing 200 kB/s, switched back to 1.81 and went straight up to 600 kB/s. Also wouldn't save changes to limit upload speeds.