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  1. @sdimishev Its not bad to check forum for similar reports to avoid duplicating threads. Anyway... welcome to the club... ive not received the tokens back.
  2. All of the above issues no longer persist on my computer. I am earning some decent amount of BTT daily , but as the exchange function is not working... i am not earning anything. Just random numbers.
  4. I can only say... SPOT ON CAPTAIN @RedFlagCaptain! The ship is sinking !
  5. BUMP Sadly i can agree with you @RedFlagCaptain ... Patience and hope are running over...
  6. BUMP Its been more than 24 hours and the amount is still missing ! Awaiting response..
  7. @RedFlagCaptain Unfortunately the transaction is not in tronscan as well. Awaiting fixations and response from moderators/developers , as fast as possible. @techster Positive vibes and fingers crossed everything will be fixed to work as intended.
  8. Transfer "worked" for me a few hours ago , waiting for calculation or intervention of developers to fix it.
  9. Hello , Its been about 3 hours since i tested to transfer 1980 BTT from In-App balance to On-Chain , as i saw other members to confirm they managed to do that , but unfortunately it doesnt seems to be working yet. Transaction appear to be COMPLETED , but it is not calculated, transferred or added to my existing balance of 35,000.000000 BTT. My wallet address: TAokhRqsoXtD7H5TezKAU2bNMFwAiFiL7t Looking forward for your response back.
  10. @boboev Thanks for the reply back and sorry for the late response , but it was quite a busy week here. I am aware of most of the stuff you mentioned , but unfortunately the situation is not getting really better.. Lets hope everything will be back to normal soon™..
  11. @techster ! ! ! B U M P ! ! !
  12. @techster Yesterday a friend of mine lost 6k BTT upon downloading ~4 GB file... NO REMEDY YET .. which was PROMISED a while ago !!! I am still struggling to receive no more than 500 BTT daily with seeding 200 files 24/7.
  13. That is a great response , unfortunately its been about a week and the "REMEDY" is still not happening. I believe if this continues too long , plenty of people will give up on the project and sell what they hodl.
  14. Sincerely hope that earnings will get back to "normal" after this maintenance , as i am struggling to collect and transfer 1K BTT for the past 3 weeks....