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  1. Tried clearing my browser cache and cookies twice, restarted my chrome after clearing cache. Same problem, wallet doesn't load.
  2. I have used Bittorrent speed for a while and have some BTT in the app. However since I starting using Bittorrent web I have been unable to access the in app wallet. Whenever I click on "Wallet" on the left of the Bittorrent Speed interface. It will ask for my password. I entered that and it goes into the screen where it forever shows "Updating Balances". (Shown in screenshot below) I have left it for hours and it is still stuck on that screen. Hence I am unable to access my BTT. I am using Google Chrome browser, Windows 10 I have tried the following steps to import my wallet again. But the same problem appears - Windows users: - Stop your torrent clients that use Speed from running - Check and stop uTorrent/BitTorrent processes from Task Manager - Open File Explored and type in %AppData% - You may need to go one level up until you get to AppData > Local - Find BitTorrent Helper folder and delete it - Launch your torrent client - Get to Speed and walk through welcome screens again - Get to the point where you are offered to Import your wallet - Click on Import - Use previously stored Recovery Phrase or the Private Key to import your wallet - In a few seconds your balances should be restored I have searched the forum and do not see anyone with similar problems, please advise as to how I can fix this issue and access my BTT. Thank you very much.