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  1. I miss the full features of BTT speed too, was great in they very short time I spent being able to utilize despite like many have commented a pretty rough beta experience however it did indeed work showed and imo there is lot of promise down the road far as the future of protocol being bigger, brighter and more legitimate than ever.. potentially game changing. I doubt tron/btt are going to 0 and be out of top 100 on coinmarketcap and become history anytime soon. Having a fully working, more stable system than before with all the features online when it comes back is pretty important to regain faith for early adopters with bad experience and bigger picture the peer to peer file sharing community universally embracing and adapting it into the future. On the plus side I definitely noticed last couple of weeks... spending, earning and the in-app balance are all much much more consistent and stable with no week to week troubleshooting like deleting bthelper local files or client restarts required for any reason :)