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  1. cool joke, I just spent 600 btt in spite of the fact that I have the SPEED function turned off !!!!! https://ibb.co/NWHznkt https://ibb.co/P6DGcqT when will you fix this problem? I want to save btt and not spend them !!!
  2. So what should I do to get my BTTs back?
  3. And yet, I'm wondering why tokens are spent on their own if the SPEED option is turned off.
  4. The number of tokens earned differs from the number of tokens on the balance. Why is this happening if the consumption of tokens is less than the total amount. And I don’t understand how tokens are credited to the balance. I earned 2600 tokens and spent about 400, but I have only 425 on my balance instead of 2200+ BTT Also, after reinstalling the wallet, I lost 4000 BTT tokens, technical support has not responded to my letter for more than 48 hours, can someone help me here?