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  1. As someone explained to me that it is just a projection for how much you could have earned. Your real earnings are in-app balance. others are just your past perspective.
  2. yup same goes for me. Gonna turn of torrent for 1 week.
  3. same with me... no luck... Address: TTnaEBTFQZDZd4eHDgquxaBjdRa4MoTqMT
  4. Basically what's In the title, I transferred BTT from in-app to on-chain. In history it says that the transaction was successful(Complete) but my BTT is still in-app.
  5. So you are saying that my "TOTAL EARNING" are false numbers and the real number of BTT I earned are "IN-APP BALANCE" ?
  6. @techster anything you can do for me? or at least tell approximately me when It should be fixed. Thank you.
  7. mine is TTnaEBTFQZDZd4eHDgquxaBjdRa4MoTqMT
  8. Sometimes(maybe twice in a day) "Increase speed with BTT" will turn on by itself. I check it frequently to turn it off. btw I have the same problem where "IN-APP BALANCE" is not updated.