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  1. it's such a pity! Tron is slowly but steadily going up and it was nice having some BTTs handy
  2. it's been a week now! I liked that extra income
  3. is there any piece of news? an estimated time?
  4. any update? I've got 12k BTTs ready to be traded!
  5. thanks pal, you are very patient and I am not
  6. Tron is growing in value every minute, it's such a waste of money!
  7. I too have a transaction pending for too much time (again!) is this bug ever going to be resolved?
  8. is everything f***ed up again? 1100 BTTs locked now it's a thrill every time I try to withdraw tokens!
  9. same problem here! and no moderator appearing on this board for 72h!
  10. having a similar problem here; it already happened two months ago, I had 100k BTTs eternally stuck between in-app balance and on-chain balance; I was refunded after long conversation with customer support, but the issue remains now it seems impossible to transfer anything from in-app to on-chain, every transaction gets stuck or rebounds back BTTs are growing in value so that's really annoying! with no effort you can make 700/800 per day and trade them on Poloniex