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  1. nice post! sadly, nobody will come and challenge your statements: this forum has been dead since last May
  2. wow! so now the coin itself is worth shit and it's also harder to obtain
  3. the previous bulletin was more promising, they were talking about "a couple of weeks"
  4. if you mean that "24th", I suspect it might be the issue number previous one was 23th
  5. why June 24? I don't see any mention of a deadline
  6. check this out, wallet 2.1.1 was apparently released but my version is still 1.9.10
  7. a 12/24h window to withdraw something would be highly appreciated!
  8. when did they write it and when? was it on Twitter?
  9. any update? exchange is still down
  10. so they are actually working on it!
  11. transactions still pending the wallet is firing BTTs every second; maybe I'm not enough an expert but I checked a few of the receiving addresses and they look like normal accounts like mine, nothing suspicious
  12. I tried myself, there must be a million transactions queued
  13. you can also try to write to I'm disappointed, the only thing I need to know is if we can still rely on this project or not
  14. I wrote messages to and also to another guy who helped me with a couple of problems months ago no answer for the moment, let's see if something happens during the week
  15. is there another place where we can gather some info or ask questions? I checked Twitter but didn't find any mention of an ongoing maintenance, only BS propaganda like in the Soviet Union
  16. it's really hard to understand, BTT lost 50% in the process
  17. but the price went downhill in the last 15 days!
  18. shit, I have 15k to withdraw! I don't understand why can't we have a 12 hour window to grab some
  19. I'm down 20%, everything goes a little slower than usual but I'm earning steadily not being able to withdraw is really annoying!
  20. how is your earnings going in the meantime?