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  1. So here it is a bit of light in the tunnel. Thnaks @techster for the info. We hope your workmates do that job a bit faster. It's been too much waiting for us already.
  2. There is nothing we can do about right now. Even @techster can not assist anyhow so just wait for the wallet to be refilled. It's not cool to have some earns and can't move them but it is what it is. Hope today or tomorrow will be refilled ( when they stop doing whatever its on right now) . The wallet is getting drained every time there is some minor or major updates of payment system or some network problem. It's a fact that the statment of what's happening is cooming days later so....
  3. Refresh the links for wallet few tmes and move them again,
  4. Hi all , again the wallet it's empty , so if you cannot move your coins to On chain just wait for the wallet to be refilled with BTT.
  5. Right now you can withdraw your earnings. The wallet paying to BTT SPEED is recharged with 50 000 00 ( already 35 000 000 ) and all transactions are good to go ! I want to truly thanks to @techster for the information given about implementation if new exchange soon and solving our doubts in system ( network ) problems. Also wanna thank him for beeing active and respond to messages. Great work. Keep the same spirti. Cheers ! In case anyone coins goes to pending again just wait the system to reject the transaction and birng them back to your IN APP Balance.
  6. Same problems here , even i start almoust the same topic as you. Looks like global problem. I hope anyone will clear it out soon for us.
  7. Hello ! Since last 72 hours we have withdraw problems. When we move our earnings from IN APP Balance to On Chain Balance coins go to pending. After we stop utorrent / bittorrent client or just kill the process from taks manager and then we start it again the same coins that goes to pending are going back to our IN APP Balance. It's happening to me and all my friends to each of our computes / accouts / wallets. We have earnings more than enough on each client but they are all going on pending and in best scenarion after that are going back to IN APP balance and worst scenario just get stuck on pending. Is anything happening with the network at the moment ? ( any updates or something that may be the problem ) Should we wait for this to be fixed or ? ? Please provide some information about this problem. Its kinda frustrating because gathering works fine / wallet loads fine , but we can not move from in app to on chain !!! Thanks in advance.