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  1. It's been 56 days and it's still not working. How long do I have to wait patiently? I also want to know if you are testing the upgraded version of Exchange.
  2. I wonder when the transfer from BTT in-app to BTT online will be normalized. It is doubtful whether the exchange service has suspended some maintenance and updates in preparation for NFT airdrop.Alternatively, the Exchange service could not be maintained and updated.Are you doing NFT airdrop?
  3. I checked the address by sending 300 tokens from on-chain to in-app.TA1EHWb1PymZ1qpBNfNj9uTaxd18ubrC7a It was sent to this address.I left the token in bttt on the transaction history at this address.There's something sent to the on-chain. Hash Block Time (UTC) From To Transaction Type Status Result Amount Tokens d959c7367b814261db4cb730dcbf0522bce71dcc072dc022550a156b550 a55ec 30439494 2021-05-23 12:01:27 TA1EHWb1PymZ1qpBNfNj9uTaxd18u brC7a TBR9RVsaBFcudKkSp4GHznzqiLns3 XFx6v SHOW QR CODESEND TOKENS Transfer TRC10 CONFIRMED SUCCESS 1,038 BTT
  4. It can be sent from on-chain to in-app, but I wonder why it is still not sent from in-app to on-chain. I use the translator.Please understand if the sentence is not smooth.
  5. When will the wallet be normalized? I want to know.
  6. 거래를 요청한 후 인앱 온체인및 거래 후 지갑은 완료, 나는 다시 인앱에서 요청 된 금액을 입금하는 방법에 대한 호기심.