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  1. in your pictures you try to limit up/down stream to 80000 kb/s wich is roughly 80 mb/s the downloads running only run at a rough total of 10 mb/s so the total upload of the seeds/peers is lower then your set limit, so in this case speed will never reach 80 mb/s
  2. limit the speed in steam, you mean steam as in the gaming app ?
  3. it depends on multiple factors. one of them are seeds and peers, your download is limited by thier upload
  4. lost all faith in the btt project, i already have shut down my utorrent. using a different client now, can't earn anything with the new client but i refuse to use utorrent any longer out of spite and anger. i just browse these forums to checkup on the other users and waiting for that one post that has the headline "We are shutting down btt in combination with bittorrent"
  5. Just ignore thegiver_13, he is bitter because he has to deal with the nonsense called BTT like all of us.
  6. Wow i was just watching my in-app btt hitting 1000+ btt But since there was no btt on the exchange address there was no point in withdrawing. As i was thinking about it a blue candle popped up and had the number 26 in it. So my u torrent had spend 26 btt while spending was turned off, and i only had seeds running. But here comes that kicker, white it said it spend 26 btt my in-app amount dropped by 278. So not only is the spending feature of btt broken the amount it takes from your in-app is more the 10x. I was try n to stay positive but man is it becoming had to have faith in this project. Lets hope for better times!!!!!!
  7. Check out this adress TMGctzhiibu8S8vgPWZz88Gwtwn9FVXpyc There is no way somebody can produce that much btt a day, sometimes this adress withdraws 42 times 99999 per day thats close to a 4.200.000 btt per day. Wth is that all about.
  8. im at 800 btt atm not enough to withdraw ill go next round
  9. useually i wait till i see there is btt on the adress and then i withdraw works everytime. It seems like withdraws in que that are put up before there is btt on the adress dont go tru.
  10. That would be the feature that would kill btt/speed. Everybody would only seed to btt users forcing people to have to pay, utorrent made a statement that it would stay free for erverybody. putting in that feature takes away utorrents abillity to ensure download will be free. Im a big seeder aswell, i would love to make more btt aswell but that would not be the way to go.
  11. Shut down utorrent, wait for it to completely shut down. It has a Softshutdown so eventho it might look like its not running it might be running in the background. Check in your taskmanager if it has actually shut down. Go to this folder on your computer C:\Users\yournamehere\AppData\Local\BitTorrentHelper Delete the BitTorrentHelper Folder. Now start utorrent up again, go to speed like you normally do. It will now see you as a fresh user and somewhere along the process youll be able to recover your wallet.
  12. You'll need to use the 12 word recovery phrase to recover your wallet.
  13. There is no need for these types of posts, i bet there are plenty of people who wonder the same thing. Instead of beating down those who know less then you do, maybee you should point them in the right direction or straight up explain what that transaction means.