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  1. boboev I also want to show you the log file.However, as I explained in the text,I sent an email about BTT's recovery, but...A week passed, but there was no reply, so I gave up.To start anew, all files from that time were deleted.I'm only keeping screenshots.Now it's starting anew in a new wallet.
  2. techstertechsterYou are completely wrong.In fact, the screenshot above shows that 1,850 coins were successfully moved at 02:26 on April 25.And all subsequent Coin transfers were unsuccessful, and after the failure they returned to their wallets.However, when Coin tried to move back from IN-app to ON-Chain, the Stats said Pending, but after a long time it did not return to the wallet.I gave up the coin I lost here.Therefore, there is no desire to restore.However, I wanted to let you know that Techster is misjudging.Eventually, 6,500 pended BTTs were lost and further BTTs were lost.If you compare it with the last Tron wallet in the screenshot, you can see the difference.
  3. Techster is now testing the situation and says it cannot move from IN-app to ON-chain.And if you look at the posts and situations in the forum right now, you can see that you can't go from IN-app to ON-chain.But why do you keep trying to move? can't understand
  4. Are you operating [BTFS] as well?If so, try actions, as follows : 1. Stop everything that is being [seeded]. 2. [BitTorrent] must be shut down. 3. Shut down everything related to [BitTorent] in [Task Manager]. 4. Delete the [BitTorrentHelper] folder located below. AppData\Local\BitTorrentHelper 5. Run [BitTorrent] again and wait for [1 minute]. The Speed Wallet will then be accessible. If BTFS is not operated together, I do not recommend this method because there is a problem with ON-chain movement in IN-app.
  5. You may have noticed that 3256 coins were not moved when they were moved from BTT IN-app to BTT ON-chain, but Stats said success. And 3256 coins will be back on your BTT IN-app. Techster seems to judge this situation to be successful and I'm telling you it's not a success, It is an error.
  6. If the coin fails to move from BTT IN-app to BTT ON-chain, Stats says it is a success, but it is a failure. Coin on the move returns to BTT IN-app. If you keep trying to move the coin and you get an error, The coin on the move or the remaining BTT IN-app Coin disappears.
  7. I apologise for the late reply.Regarding the above, I sent an inquiry email to your email, but I didn't get an answer.So, I gave up the BTTIN-app balance I lost.Then, I created a new wallet and am working on it again.I lost about 8,000 of the BTT IN-app balance due to an error from April 25th.It's just a pity that there's no wallet log file.My wallet address is as follows.TAUUaWtoc3SWVNpHiSJ8simcEe1M1o97cU
  8. I also had the same phenomenon, and the balance of BTT in-app is all gone now.And additionally, this phenomenon can be seen after failing to move from BTT in-app to BTT on-chain.BTTon-chain returned to BTTin-app and then reinstalled the Torrent program.I think it's because I deleted the BitTorrent Helper folder. This folder seems to function as a typical hardware wallet. I think it's important to have a backup.