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  1. Open Source it. Let the community see and contribute to the code development. But we know this won't happen for several reasons I wont mention
  2. Just because it's a free-market model and it's P2P it doesn't mean that your app is flawless like we saw. Bugs that have been around for years are just discovered. When the price was above 0.01$ we did fine. Don't tell me now that's going up to 0.008$ and that cause tons of people to start seeding and BTTs went from tens of thousands to none. A drop of 5-10-15% is possible, in many economic models up to 25-30%. A drop of nearly 100% indicates a problem. If you can't understand that, this shows that the project is ran by a team that has no knowledge of global economy and variable changes, hence counting only on hype to move their project up, rather than a healthy eco system. The speed with which our emails are answered (a few weeks) and the speed with which "game breaking" bugs are fixed, I highly doubt the incentive the white paper talked about matters much. You should look around reddit. This here and the 5-6-10 of us are the ones involved in this project more or less. Everyone else is just buying and holding 'to the moon' without any knowledge of what it is and how it works.
  3. It sure feels like the system is down or something as I highly doubt everybody has suddenly stopped using BTT and Ive been running a seeding box for the past month now. ETAs are never present, most of the time it's "soon ™" I too keep getting [error] x:\jenkins-workspace\workspace\token-wallet-pipeline\src\wallet_db.cpp::1783::Error: 19. Give us at least an Error book so we know what Error stands for what, or some whitepaper. Some of us enjoy reading more about this project. Can't understand why everything is so on the NEED TO KNOW bases, where we ask a thousand questions and a few get chosen to be answered. @techster has anything been shutdown these days that we are unaware of ?
  4. That happens to me a lot as well. I'm bidding on files, with Spend BTT OFF. Go figure. Meanwhile I've just received an email reply about the exchange issue last week. Why is the communication so broken around here? She literally told me exchange is off and will be fixed in the next 2 days, something that was done last week.... The only thing we can do is tag @techster and wait for a reply on why the app spends BTT even with the feature off and what are the errors.
  5. What's your error in the wallet.txt? It's located in C:\Users\Your Account Name\App Data\Local\BittorrentHelper Mine is: "[2021-05-01 09:53:23.673] [logger] [error] x:\jenkins-workspace\workspace\token-wallet-pipeline\src\exchange.cpp::386::Invalid channel id: -8. Withdrawal attempt failed. Retrying."
  6. Total Earnings = a projection, because of the way the bidding system works. Because the leecher may have received some of the bidded pieces for free, it will be off from what you actually get. It's explained in the BTT white paper. From what the mod has written around here, at some point they will switch to a real earnings mode rather than a projection. I haven't seen an ETA. So in your example, the total bids were for 27k, but the amount they've actually bid and downloaded was around 6k. If there's some sort of a mismatch, at some point your wallet will adjust and add the missing ones.
  7. The explanation wasn't complete. The white paper of BTT explains it well. Because of the bid system your total earnings are the projection of how much you could have earned. In reality pieces the leecher had bidded on get to him/her for free from other seeders therefor that projection starts to differ from what you actually get. I suggest glancing over the white paper to get a grip about the bidding system. Having said that when can we expect live model rather than the projection one?
  8. I see thanks. Is there any outline where I can read what's coming with this upgrade/update? Some of the issues I've had in the past month is BTTs disappearing from the in-app balance, then weeks later receiving tens of thousands at once. I've read the white paper numerous times, but still can't understand how responsive the BTT Speed app is in terms of calculating rewards and receiving rewards.
  9. Got it thanks. Any ETA on when everything should be back to normal? Like a ballpark not a specific date or hour.
  10. What about those who have mentioned they've lost pending transfers? I'm asking cause I have a few threads on reddit I'd like to update so people are well informed.
  11. Does that mean that the problem with transferring BTT from off-chain to on-chain was fixed globally? I see a lot of people on reddit including myself having this problem.