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  1. The tokens in the new one, literally evaporate in less than 20 seconds. You'd need to be really precise and super quick, most likely using a script to have a chance to move anything at any point. 

    As for the latest under the hood update this code poped up: 1828.PNG

    I wanna say the integration is on the way, but when ... who knows.

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  2. Well in the white paper the initial phase was supposed to be basic, and then the future plans were for "specific options" which would let the leecher pick how much they wanna pay and the seeder pick how much they are charging. More than two years later, I'm guessing we are still in initial phase. I thought this was a fast paced industry where things develop within weeks....

  3. It is the # of edition, before you click it it's stated No. 24 and not Jun 24th. Justin went into a BTT room last night and did not mention BTT even once. You do the math when the CEO of a company goes to a room and starts shilling the new products without even mentioning the one the people are there for.

  4. Only that I've been writing for a month that BTT and Bittorrent are not the same. The protocol has been out for over 2 decades and will continue to exist. BTT is just a token from the company that bought it, and is cleverly named Bittorrent Speed making a lot of "investors" confused. If they called it Speed Boost Token, probably nobody would even consider it. 

    Torrents have always been healthy with or without it, so at the end of the day, unless they change something, it's gonna stay that way. Nevertheless we already knew about this integration and the code has been in there since May 12th.

  5. Right, but I haven't seen a single crash on a brand new system with b550 pro motherboard, 16gb ram. Before your LAA flag .exe I was getting crashes whenever I was seeding ~20 torrents. That was my max. At 150 now, I've been running for weeks without any single freeze or hick up. So big thanks for it.

  6. 2 hours ago, linkx said:

    Thank you, @techster !

    For what? They've been copy pasting the same thing for 2 weeks now. This is why "a several days" sounds outdated because this has been the message from the first few days. It's so impersonal and disrespectful that you are not worth 15s of their time, for a simple message...

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  7. We know for sure that the exchange from in-app to on-chain is down because of it. As of the rest, it's still unconfirmed whether it was a problem, or their original response with 'the market became oversaturated with seeders' still stands. In my experience when a saturation occurs the earnings drop gradually and not 100 to 0 in a flash.

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