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  1. @techster Hi again, Thanks for the fast response. I confirm I just transferred all in-app to my in-chain. Although transactions are still pending (I did it on 2 transactions) BTT transferred to in-chain. What about the 3 withdraws I made: 25.04 (x2) and 26.04 (x1) should I consider does 5K BTTs as gone?
  2. @techster Hi there Techster, First I would like to thank you about all the support and hard work you do for all of us. Going to quickly explain my issue. My public address is: TMuDx1DBqmBkXSz5W4b6MkcVG3sCqoN7C4 Since 25.04. 02:00 local time I made three tries for about 5K in total of BTT to transfer from in-app to on-chain. Sadly those BTTS never got to the on-chain. Could you please take a look at this issue? Kind regards, smnelse