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  1. If this forum would be moderated in any way - posts where people ask the same thing 300 times would just be deleted and the user would get a warning. But I guess you got me there :^)
  2. If you use your brain for once and work really hard, you might be able to find the posts all by yourself, as the forum is literally full of them. I believe in your mental capability - you just need to believe in yourself! :^)
  3. Learn to read, this has been posted 500 times already.
  4. Thank you so much for this informative update - I really hope the 2 hour maintenance will be done within a month, we are already halfway there :^)
  5. Guys, the 2 hour update is only lasting around 192 hours now - we have to be at the finish line!
  6. Well, at least the communication from their side is flawless
  7. Damn are those 2 hours still not over after 4 days?