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  1. It looks like Justin Scam waiting when we'll write an article on Medium about this shitty attitude towards us and so that it goes further on all the news
  2. Scam project, while Sun tweeting how he spent millions on nft shit arts, shitcoin btt down in price and devs of speed more than month couldn't make anything. No support, no dates, no nothing. Fuck you all, I can't wait for the day when all the investors will finally see that Justin Sun is a common crook.
  3. Hi @techster, I have the same problem, could you help me please? I withdrawn 1050 BTT from btt in-app to btt on-chain on 26.04.2021. Next day it returned back to me to in-app. So on 27th I have withdrawn that 1000 BTT again and later on the same day I have made 2 more withdrawals - 2000 BTT and 1000 BTT. And that’s all, since then nothing has happened, I just lost the whole amount - 4k btt. It write "complete", but I don't get that BTT not on-chain not back to in-app, they just disappeared. Attached screenshots. My wallet is TLXJvW8cnLYqtKFjSNhCvLdfTLDDsYZu4o. How I can get that amount back? Could you help me?