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  1. Today i made the mistake of downloading some files, i had 1400 Btt in app while speed was off. In 15 minutes i spent 219 Btt and now i have 687Btt (good math by the way), i checked if speed was off and it was OFF but then i tried to turn it on and if u turn it on it will turn off by itself but still spend Btt. I'm getting so tired of this. Every time i gain something i lose it. Weeks to gain something and seconds to loose everything and still no news from devs.
  2. Call them anyway u want, the math is still off. I had over 2500 points, one day half of them disappeared, then i spent 100 and lost 400, then gained 100 and lost 200 instead of gaining.
  3. Btt Speed math be like U had 1300 Btt and spent 100 Btt so u got 900 Btt left, doesnt matter if u had Speed turned off. U now have 900 Btt, u gain 500 Btt so u got 800 Btt left
  4. UPDATE: For some unknown reason some of the missing BTT returnet into my account and now i have 1100 BTT. It seems like i got my 1000 BTT back while losing around 200 BTT. I'm utterly confused but i'm not going to complain .
  5. This time they weren't spent tho. They just vanished....I tried to withdraw them but they were returned the same day. The two transaction in the image are the same Btt i tried to withdraw twice and that were returned twice. Then 3 days later they disappeared.
  6. As the title says more than 1000 BTT disappeared without any trace. This morning i had around 1200 BTT, i turned off my pc and when i turned it on half an our later i had around 200 BTT. I have no active download and according to the historical spending today i spent 0....so where are they gone? It's the first time this happens to me, usually speed activates by himself and starts spending BTT but this time they just disappeared..... It's beginning to become quite frustrating. Last week i lost 1000 Btt in a transaction from In app balance to on chain balance that never went through, 2000 Btt were lost due to speed activating by himself and now another 100btt disappeared. I'm starting to think that it's not worth it to keep using this app since i'm always end up losing the btt i earned. My andress is TAjJwPnsovb2zSD6gHKMVCa7S3DJckq52q In the images there is the 1000 Btt i tried to transfer the other day but since the system was down they just came back twice (just to prove i had 1000btt i'm talking about), the total spending for today (20/5/21) and my actual in-app balance
  7. Increase speed with BTT keeps activating by himself and in seconds it spends hours of earnings. It just did it twice in 15 minutes. I deactivate Increase speed with BTT and in few minutes it activates by himself
  8. Thanks for the answer but what about the tokens ? I tried to transfer 1100BTT from app to chain (I cannot check right now if it's still pending since i cant access) and last time i checked it was still pending. Another thing is that on that wallet i have some TRX i had purchased and trasferred from another wallet, will they still be there? There is some other way i can check the wallet?
  9. The first of may i transferred 1100 BTT from app to chain and was still pending while the 3 of may i transferred the same amount and it went through in minutes. Now i can't even check the wallet because BittorrentSpeed says it's Syncing, how can i solve this problem?