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  1. Today i made the mistake of downloading some files, i had 1400 Btt in app while speed was off. In 15 minutes i spent 219 Btt and now i have 687Btt (good math by the way), i checked if speed was off and it was OFF but then i tried to turn it on and if u turn it on it will turn off by itself but still spend Btt. I'm getting so tired of this. Every time i gain something i lose it. Weeks to gain something and seconds to loose everything and still no news from devs.
  2. Call them anyway u want, the math is still off. I had over 2500 points, one day half of them disappeared, then i spent 100 and lost 400, then gained 100 and lost 200 instead of gaining.
  3. Btt Speed math be like U had 1300 Btt and spent 100 Btt so u got 900 Btt left, doesnt matter if u had Speed turned off. U now have 900 Btt, u gain 500 Btt so u got 800 Btt left