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  1. Somehow my wallet stoped working .... Tried like 33 times to reimprot it - stuck on loading screen .... this project is just garbage .... Good look folks P.S - i managed to import my wallet and guess what - i had 4.5k BTT on pending which are now gone. No history transactions, cant even prove that i made this try to transact .... Absolute disgrace and a spit in the face for all involved in this trash project
  2. Let me help you guys . STOP SPAMMING @techster оr ask whether the exchange service will be restored .... There is a section called "ACTIVITY" - click it before spam or create another useless topic ...
  3. Use your brain to read previous posts that THERE IS MAINTAINCE SINCE 12.05.2021. Nobody will help you, stop spamming
  4. So you say that maybe, maybe there is a chance that they work on shipping direct binance adress transactions from ON-Chain ? This function was disabled but it was there so ... this would be great
  5. I don't know for you but i stopped earning btt for 2 days ... Don't know what is going on
  6. Can you tell us why ? I don't get it
  7. This project is officially dead guys ... Just move on
  8. Somehow from the "maintaince" i dont earn sh*t - before i earned like 11k for a week or so .... From 1 month i cant earn even 1k ... this is just sad
  9. Sorry if the topic is already discussed and i know its written right in the platform but .... Sometimes my btt is changing the number with every minute and the "past hour earning" is full with statistics ... But most of the time /like more than 24h/ i dont see changing the number nor statistics or anything... The interesting part is when i shutdown the utorrent client and reopened it again this number is changed and again ... nothing happens ... Can someone explain to me is this a problem or is normal ? And if it is a problem how to fix it ? Thank you
  10. I did that actually yesterday and all my around 1k btt were gone after rebooting utorent. What do you mean by reseting my wallet ? To delete the folder and reimport it or ? /and when you do this you have to restart utorrent again/
  11. Nope, this thing is just broken as f.... I have seeded like 500 TB and total earning - 2k and my ratio is still 0 ...
  12. Братле, има maintaince в момента ... Проблема ще бъде поправен до няколко дни - в секция announcements е упоменато
  13. I wont even comment how "serious" this response is but for sure a lot of users see that for some time their gains had significantly dropped or they dont earn nothing at all. Im sick of copy/pasting the same answer - bla bla ... the market and bla bla .... the price .... If they dont fix this project or give us absolute clear info how this algo works tron for sure wont become much ....
  14. Am .... Is this so called "maintaince" linked with the problem that btt is "frozen" and we dont earn even a single btt ? I dont lose too when i download so i assume that is somehow linked with the failed transactions and not earning/spending btt ?