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  1. Still not working. If you donwload something it is not matter if the switch is OFF, it still will take some BTT. I can offer you - downloading with other torrent program and after that load the downloaded torrent in uTorrent/Bittorrent for uploading!
  2. I can suggest you to restart uTorrent/Bittorrent app 1, 2 or even 3 times, I think the BTT will appear in-app.
  3. 1011 BTT transferred, on other accounts/computers still stay on Pending, so obviously they testing the system, still not UP!
  4. Hello, Everybody insterested can read my post for solution:
  5. For me this working, as if they are spend by Speed...100% will never come back I had more then 45000 BTT in-app yesterday, start downloading (Speed is OFF) and it took me 25000 BTT for no time..., after which the in-app just became 0. Today when I open Speed I saw how little by little the in-app balance became from 0 to more then 17000 BTT. OK, maybe not all was returned, I don't know if the other like 3000 BTT will be returned later, but for me it worked. Sure the Pending transactions normally should be returned...also @techsterconfirmed that there is no way BTT to "dissapear" from in-app, only they can be used by Speed for speed boosting...
  6. I can offer everyone the following decision untill the new system update of Speed is activated: In order Speed to do not use BTT when you are downloading a new torrents you can put for sending the BTT from in-app to on-chain. So the BTT in this way will be on "Pending" but will not be available for using by Speed, at least for a while (couple of hours to more then 1 day), and at this time you can freely download what you want and do not afraid the BTT will be used by Speed. After that they will be returned normally in-app...
  7. I have same problem with 3 transactions since yesterday! Money put to be transfered to on-chain but was returned in-app. Obviously there is some bug that do not allow to be transferred. Any solution?
  8. here are more two screenshots:
  9. Hello everybody, I have the following problem: 5 days ago I install BitTorrent Speed and it showed about 2317 BTT in-app in the account (maybe earned from the seeding that I already had from the past). I decided to transfer them all to On-chain and proceed the transaction. Like normal it showed me that it can take up to 48 hours, but even after 5 days it still showing "Pending". Can somebody help me how to retugn them in to In-app or finish the transaction and appear to On-chain? Here is my public address: TQiJJvQ5VV3Z8CBGVoMQNpqPtsBLpjRduP Here are some screenshots: