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  1. Just now my transaction in the amount of 4000 BTT BTFS went to Failed, and then it disappeared and the list and not BTTs are not returned. Well done! A month of work was not in vain!
  2. I need to write that exactly 24 hours later, all 7,500 BTT were returned to my account, but still I'm wondering when can I withdraw them to the on-chain balance?
  3. There is no BTT on the balance of the gateway for about 1-2 weeks. We are waiting for news from developers
  4. @techsterI and other people with a similar problem are waiting for your answer. BTT still haven't returned
  5. Dear BTT SPEED developers, today 7500 BTT disappeared from me, expenses were not shown in statistics, they just disappeared. Most likely they disappeared at the moment of a small blue stripe (in the screenshot).Why is this happening? Judging by the latest topics, I'm not the only one who faced a similar problem. I ask you to please answer me and other people with a similar problem. Where have my 7,500 BTT gone, will they return? Also, for more than a month, 800 btt has been frozen in the Pending process from the On chain - in app account in BTFS. I wrote the topic, but no one answered me. Wallet adress TRkiKeWQsGct1djoM81kTTiw3NtJ3C6qKN TESQywLmcH6QRe1anoiVgxiPTXCVkVKPps TESQywLmcH6QRe1anoiVgxiPTXCVkVKPps
  6. I have the same problem. Since 19 april my transaction was stuck. Anyone can help us?
  7. My 1500 BTT wallet has just been emptied !!! Although the spending is not indicated in the schedule, and the acceleration was not included. They also do not return my 800 btt, which have been stuck there since April 19, support does not help, I wrote here and not a single answer.
  8. On April 19, I made a transfer from the BTT wallet account to the BTFS wallet, after which the transaction simply hung. I tried reinstalling the wallet, reinstalling Windows, it didn't bring any result. What should I do to get my funds back? TRkiKeWQsGct1djoM81kTTiw3NtJ3C6qKN